Multilayer PCBs

The multilayer PCB segment is by far our leading product. Our proven track record of high quality and on-time delivery performance highlights our dedication to customer satisfaction.

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8L multilayer – high density, small line and space, dense BGA designing, materials: FR4 (SY1000-2), solder mask color: blue, surface treatment: ENIG, inner layer line to hole space: 6 mil, inner/outer layer line width and space: 2.8 mil/3 mil, impedance tolerance: +/-7%, hole tolerance: +/-2mil, width of BGA: 10 mil


Multilayer PCBs – Technical Specification

Feature Technical specification
Number of layers 4 – 22 layers standard, 30 layers advanced, 40 layers prototype.
Technology highlights Multiple layers of epoxy glass fibre bonded together with multiple layers of copper of varying thicknesses.
Materials High performance FR4, halogen-free FR4, low loss and low Dk materials
Copper weights (finished) 18μm – 210μm, advanced 1050μm / 30oz
Minimum track and gap 0.075mm / 0.075mm
PCB thickness 0.40mm – 7.0mm
Maximum dimensions 580mm x 1080mm, advanced 610mm x 1400mm
Surface finishes available HASL (SnPb), LF HASL (SnNiCu), OSP, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Gold fingers
Minimum mechanical drill 0.20mm