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There are few parts in an electronic device that have such an impact on the final product as the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). At first sight, PCBs differ little in appearance, irrespective of their inherent qualities. It is under the surface that we focus on the differences so critical to the PCBs’ durability and functionality. Customers cannot always see the difference, but they can rest assured that Cirtech Electronics puts a great deal of effort into ensuring that their customers are supplied with PCBs that meet the most stringent quality standards.

The information below details some of the key capabilities that Cirtech Electronics can offer and support today. You will find information here relating to the specific materials we can support, the PCB technologies or product types which we currently produce, as well as some of the tolerances which we can achieve.


Multilayer PCBs

The multilayer PCB segment is by far our leading product. Our proven track record of high quality and on-time delivery performance highlights our dedication to customer satisfaction.



8L HDI – materials: FR-4; board thickness: 2.00mm; hole size: 0.20mm; aspect ratio: 10:1, copper thickness inner and outer layers: 35/35 μm; line width and space: 0.9/0.9mm; surface treatment: ENIG; features: fine pitch BGA, controlled impedance.


Radio Frequency PCBs

Radio-frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) circuits can be found in countless wireless products from handheld devices for medical and industrial applications to advanced communications systems for base stations, radar and global positioning.


Insulated Metal Base PCBs

IMS products are supporting sectors including automotive, medical, aerospace, lightning applications and industrial controls. IMS PCBs is a segment that is growing rapidly and our spend is increasing month by month.


Single & Double sided PCBs

Double sided layers 2L – general description: flattened HASL process; materials: FR-4 – Nanya; soldermask color: yellow; line width and space: 0.3/0.33 mm; hole size: 0.5mm, industry control.


Semi-Flex PCBs

Semi-flex PCBs use specialized FR-4 materials and a specific manufacturing method to create a flex-to-install design that can provide an economical solution for certain applications.


Rigid-Flex PCBs

Rigid-flex is a complicated product that demands a lot of interaction between the PCB provider and the customers. Like other complex products, early discussions are necessary to optimize the design for manufacturability and to optimize costs.


Flexible PCBs

The demand for flexible PCBs is increasing in all business segments with especially strong demands from medical, military and industrial markets.